About Corey’s Take

Hello guys and gals,

It’s Corey here. This is a place holder for a series of reviews I’ve been thinking about called “Corey’s Take.” I will provide a “take on” well… whatever is of interest to me at the moment! I like working out, I definitely dig things related to a fat burning lifestyle, and generally staying healthy.

There’s just a little bit here at the moment, but don’t be terribly shocked if you see other items appear here in the future like home fitness programs, diets, gear, supplements, and so on. I’m a guy but this stuff isn’t just limited to us. If I learn about something that ladies like (because they’ve told me or I’ve noticed this elsewhere), I’ll provide a take it on as well. It helps that I live with a lady who happens to be my wife that points things like this out to me.

Anyway, this Fat Burning Kitchen cookbook is pretty neat, and it makes figuring out what you should eat and how to plan your means a lot easier than you might think it could be. This is especially true if you’re new!

Thanks for reading!