Mike Geary Diet Pros and Cons

Mike Geary, the major author of The Fat Burning Kitchen book, is a personal trainer, certified nutrition pro and the bestselling writer in fitness associated stuff. Mike is also called The Nutrition Watchdog. He’s given his services to train a lot of actors, and he’s appeared on various TV shows in addition to in papers. We can observe a living example of his enormous experience in his own body he’s developed with his expertise in nutrition and exercise. (All done in conjunction with a nutritionist, Catherine Ebeling who is a certified specialist.)

Obesity is a really big and common problem for the majority of the people in every part of the planet. Although everyone would like to look slim and smart, it’s not simple to have a perfect body when you are eating junk foods and living a lifestyle that is unhealthy. Therefore, everyone must know what they have to eat in order to lose excess body fat and build up necessary muscles.

Below is an excerpt from an article he did with Tim Ferriss describing the way he created his nutritional information product.

Could you describe your company?

My company consists of three main components:

I promote a fitness advice product known as “The Truth about Six-Pack Abs,” which has sold over 500,000 copies since 2005.
I print a fitness and health newsletter to about 680,000 subscribers (with readers in virtually every nation), and have built a large content based website that goes along with this specific fitness newsletter.
I act as a media buyer, buying considerable amounts of visitors (mostly in the fitness/nutrition market) that I funnel to a few select partners. This lets me become integrated into a lot of other big fitness and nutrition businesses (they promote my product widely on their backend) since I act as a very large source of the general traffic.

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Just how much revenue is the muse now generating per month (generally)?

Though the financial freedom that this business has created has been amazing, it has also been very rewarding to receive thousands of emails in our service center from customers who have changed their life trajectory with the help of my fitness information. I still get chills when I read a glowing email from a client that’s lost 100 pounds with my program, completely changed their confidence and vitality, and just overall altered their life! So cool.

For to this yearly revenue number, how long can it take after the thought struck?

To be honest, I was a little slow in learning building and marketing the business, so it took me about five years to reach those numbers. About two years to this venture, I was eventually making about $50,000 per year with the online enterprise. As I explained previously, growth exploded once I quit my corporate job, and my earnings grew about 10x the subsequent year.
It was simple really… A mentor advised me to follow exactly what I’m most enthusiastic about, and that fire was fitness and nutrition. I can talk all day long about nutrition and fitness, so why don’t do what I love?

I originally purchased an information product which was approximately $300 (a big investment for me at the moment) from a marketer called Ryan Lee. The product was all about instructing fitness professionals how to construct a more successful business, particularly online. For this day, I still give Ryan credit for being the man that got me into this profession and changed my entire life. Thanks, Ryan! [Ed: The merchandise Mike is speaking to is no longer offered. For those interested, this class covers similar content.]

As I studied who is Ryan and Ryan’s course, I believed about my ideas for a potential information merchandise. Employed as a fitness expert, I understood that about 90% of those questions I got from customers were constantly on “six pack abs” or obtaining a flatter stomach. Additionally, I understood that there was a load of crap available online and on TV infomercials for all sorts of crap such as ab machines, belts, and worthless pills. Finally, I had seen a great deal of terrible exercise advice floating around online. That was where my first idea for “The Truth about Six-Pack Abs” came from. Little did I understand that the thought would eventually become such a phenomenal success!